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 More than just business coaching for small businesses


You started your business with a passion and a dream and you want nothing more than to see it grow and prosper.


While, it’s true that many business can fail in their initial years of operation, many more do succeed!


The secret is business coaching for small businesses … but with a Sandy Gallagher twist.


 If you are struggling with:

  • Being in control of your business
  • Feeling isolated and lonely
  • Overwhelmed
  • Spending too much time in the daily grind
  • Not having any time or freedom for yourself or your family
  • Leading your team effectively
  • Creating systems and strategies that actually work to improve your business
  • Getting clarity on what the issues are and where to actually start…

 Start here, with me, Sandy

Even though I had created a multi-million dollar business, I still found myself struggling with the overwhelm and the issues you are facing now.  


I needed a partner (a business coach) to help me with these problems I faced.


As the CEO of Your Personal CEO, my mission is to get you back in control of your business, your family, your health and your time.

There is always a solution to your problems and I will help you find it.



We cover three main areas of the business stages and can help you with:


  1. SELF GROWTH – Looking after you allows you to look after others.
  • Daily Rituals
  • Health
  • Boundaries
  • Work Schedule
  • Prioritising
  • Delegating


  1. TEAM GROWTH – Looking after your team allows you to scale and grow
  • Team Building Strategies
  • Team Structure
  • Filling the Gaps
  • Outsourcing
  • KPIs and People Management


  1. BUSINESS GROWTH – looking after your business allows for profitability
  • Customer Care Management
  • Exit Strategies
  • Lead and Sales
  • Organisation, Systems and Processes


  1. 1-1 COACHING PROGRAMS – we also offer 1-1 coaching programs.

Our 1-1 business coaching programs are completely tailored to your needs.


We follow a proven method “5 steps to transform your business” as shown below, however, the plan and content are specific to you and your business – and where you want to take your business.

It might be a 2 hour intensive, a 3-month  plan or a more robust 6-month program.



We will always provide: Customised, holistic, tailored, commercial and personal support to transform your business and position it to leverage into the next phase and ensure you are looked after along the way.



The HOT SEAT is where you get to talk with Sandy confidentially and honestly about your business and where it’s at.


And, more importantly, where you want to take it!


This is a 45-minute chat so she can tailor her services to your needs. It consists of a questionnaire sent before the call time and a LIVE call with a brainstorming session. We need the questionnaire before your call so Sandy can prepare and research.


Then she will provide three solutions and a plan to resolve your issues.  This may be an easy 4-week plan or a more robust 6-month plan.


It comes down to providing a program that works for your needs and wants, so we can partner with you to get you the best results.


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